The Space

Our rental photo studio comes with a photo studio room and a kitchen room so you can have everything you need for you, your team and/or guests !

The Studio Room

Our Studio Room is located in a quite business complex with free access on parking and bike slots.

The space sizes are 100 sqm and 3 meters height. It’s perfect for portrait, fashion, family, children or baby photo sessions or for product photography projects.

The space is divided two parts,: the main part is where the photo stage is situated together with all the photo equipment. The second part is a smaller room which is used for make-up and for clothes changing.

The Kitchen Room

Our kitchen provides good facilities for preparing coffee, tea or small snacks. We provide everything you need for your snacks.

Feel free to use our plates, spoons, forks or cups. Don’t hesitate to store your food or drinks in our fridge, to warm up your food with our microwave or to put your dishes in our dishwasher to save time for your project.

Please take in consideration that the kitchen is a shared kitchen with other companies located in our building. The kitchen is a common place for eating or small breaks and it’s not an working space.